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Glanon International, Inc.

-A leader in the engineering & design of portable filtration systems for industrial fluids, perfects the Filter-Cart. Glanon Int'l, Inc. has set out to offer more models of an industrial Filter-Cart for more applications than any other manufacturer.

Priced right! The Glanon Filter-Cart is an easy to use and effective tool that will restore the purity of an oil or coolant. Industry has saved thousands of dollars ($) in replacement and disposal costs of these fluids.

Glanon portable filtration systems are specifically manufactured for industrial oil & coolant. The Filter-Cart is engineered for: hydraulic; turbine; transformer; compressor; gear; and machine lube oils. We also manufacture a Filter-Cart that forms the basis for coolant recovery through point of use filtration and restoration.

Helping our customers reclaim these fluids has been our only business!

Company Owners, Plant Managers, Engineers, & Facilities Managers share their experiences and applications with the Glanon Filter-Cart!

The Filter-Cart Worldwide



At any given time of the day the Glanon Filter-Cart can be found filtering hydraulic oil in an Injection Molder in Mexico, a gear oil in a Nuclear  Power Plant in the USA, a gear oil of a Wind Turbine in Greece, a transformer oil in The Philippines, a compressor oil in the UAE, a hydraulic oil at a Shipyard in Spain, or even a cnc coolant at a Machine Shop in Canada.


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