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The engineers at Glanon International, Inc. understand that the importance of a filtration program for oil or coolant is a significant step towards lengthening a machines life span, increasing productivity, cutting repair, and reducing downtime costs. An effective filtration program will help your company comply with the new, stricter environmental regulations concerning the disposal of waste oil or coolant.

Glanon International, Inc., a leading USA manufacturer of the Filter-Cart and other Portable Filtration/Reclamation Systems for industrial oil & coolant, can significantly help you implement your goals and provide the answer. Our state-of-the art designs make our systems "user-friendly" and cost efficient. With over 20 years of experience worldwide, as well as an excellent customer service record, Glanon International, Inc. has satisfied even the most demanding clients.

We invite you to contact our office and review your options with our technical staff.





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