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Engineered Filter-Cart  
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The applications are many. We have only highlighted a few for your review. Frequently our customers tell us that our Filter-Cart was purchased for one specific application and then it is used in many more throughout their facility. We are happy to then engineer and provide additional units for those unique applications. The result is an overall reduction of their industrial fluid waste as well as new fluid purchases.

Here is what some of our customers have to say:

Facility Manager @ a Plastic Injection Molding Company - "We have improved our molders reliability and productivity while even reducing hydraulic oil costs."

Lube Oil Engineer @ a Nuclear Power Plant - "Our cooling tower gear reducers were virtually inaccessible, which made oil replacement very difficult. Using the Glanon Filter-Cart, the gear oil is now reclaimed right in & out of the gear boxes in a regular PM program."

Plant Manager @ a Water Treatment Plant - "Our lube oils were never recycled. Now they are collected, kept segregated, and filtered with the Glanon Filter-Cart, then reused."

Equipment Maintenance Mechanic @ a Construction Site - "Our vehicles use hydraulic oil that had to be replaced frequently during field operations. With the Glanon Filter-Cart, we just recycle on-site and minimize our downtime."

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