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Engineered Filter -Cart
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The Filter-Cart

The "Filter-Cart" refers to our Portable Filtration Systems for Oil & Coolant. With over 50 production models to choose from, or our "create your own Filter-Cart" option, Glanon International, Inc. is unrivaled in it's offerings to industry. We realize that each customer may have their own specific needs and may require a uniquely engineered system. The engineers at Glanon International, Inc. are trained to fulfill those needs. As an example of this, shown in one of the photos below is our multi-staged Filter-Tree Filter-Cart. This model was originally developed for the Power Industry to be used in a Turbine Oil application. This Filter-Cart has now been added to our list of production models. The other models shown below may have also started as uniquely engineered systems for customers applications then later they became industry standards as more and more were selected by other customers for the same application. Often our production models are available for immediate delivery. Glanon is proud to say that even our engineered systems may exceed a turn around lead time that most customers have come to expect in this demanding industry.




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